Project 25 Multiband Tactical Ariborne FM Communications

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RadioWorks offers complete sales and service for the complete line of P25 communications systems.


TIA/APCO/Project 25 (or P25) is a Suite of Standards developed by Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) in association with member companies (all major radio manufacturers) and with the support of and guidance provided by US Department of Homeland Security.  P25 is all about interoperability, and provides for a common protocol for Public Safety communications which is supported by all major radio manufacturers and adopted by most, if not all, Public Safety Communicators. In short, P25 defines a digital, trunked and encrypted radio that is backwards compatible with conventional analog mode.

TDFM-9000/9200/9300 series radios from Technisonic which are capable of meeting your most demanding operational requirements, are Project 25 compliant, multiband analog/digital transceivers which support all standard options such as encryption and trunking as well as both Phase I (FDMA) and Phase II (TDMA) operating modes, and are configurable to each user’s specific requirement. Each TDFM- 9000/9200/9300 is a 4.5 inch high DZUS panel mount radio which is completely self contained (no remote box).

The TDFM-9000 can support up to six P25 (Phase I and Phase II compliant) P25 RF Modules (which can be any of VHF (136 to 174 MHz), UHF (380 to 520 MHz) or (7/800 MHz) or (VHF,UHF, 7/800 MHz all band modules).  Public Safety users frequently request multiple modules of the same type to enable multiple trunked systems within their jurisdiction, and with whom they need to communicate.  The TDFM-9000 will support multiple users operating simultaneously from different locations within the aircraft.

The TDFM-9200 can support up to two P25 (Phase I and Phase II compliant) RF modules configured with one, two or three band RF bands and one or two Technisonic analog modules.  For example, a given agency may be required to operate on two different 7/800 MHz trunked systems, as well as VHF FM Low Band (30 to 50 MHz) and VHF/AM (118 to 136 MHz) all at the same time. If that is your requirement, this is your radio.

The TDFM-9300 can support up to four P25 compliant RF modules plus one Technisonic analog RF module.  If you need to operate simultaneously on three or four different trunked systems (with different system keys) and at the same time, on VHF/FM low band to enable communication with a Law Enforcement agency, then the TDFM-9300 is your obvious choice. Single analog modules are available to support communications on the 225 to 400 MHz AM Military band, or the 118 to 136 MHz AM Aeronautical band.

The TDFM-9100 is a configurable radio which is able to support one or two RF modules, each capable of one two or all band operation, configurable with any or all standard options. This radio is ideal for users who need only one or two P25 compliant RF modules.  It’s small size and light weight make it ideal for helicopter installations.

The TDFM-136B transceiver is the radio of choice for forestry operations, capable of analog and digital communications on every available channel in the VHF High Band (136 to 174 MHz). It is also capable of multi mode operation in the 25 kHz analog, 12.5 kHz analog, and Project 25 12.5 kHz modulation on a channel by channel basis. All features  are available and can be programmed from the front panel. The TDFM-136B can display channel, nomenclature, and operating frequency for both main and guard channel simultaneously.