Wireless WAN

Wide Area Networks (WANs) transport Internet, Email, Telephone circuits and Ethernet data over large geographical areas. RadioWorks does this with wireless equipment to keep costs down, to reduce the deployment time, and to provide redundancy for existing wired systems.

Performance Beyond Wi-Fi

  • Motorola Canopy equipment allows you to deliver license-exempt wireless broadband services at distances of up to 56 kilometers. Range can be extended with our wireless backhaul equipment.
  • Internet Service Providers can use Canopy wireless equipment to reach their customers without need for expensive fiber or cable connections. Hook up new subscribers fast, and lower your installation expenses.
  • We have non-line of sight 900MHz models for obstructed radio paths.
  • This is license-exempt equipment.


Motorola Canopy Wireless Internet System
Point-to-multipoint wireless broadband service for 1,200 subscribers.


Motorola Canopy spec sheet

Access Point (AP)

An AP is a centrally located radio providing wireless access to a LAN, or to the Internet.
A cluster of 6 APs provide 360 degrees of coverage for up to 1,200 subscribers.

Subscriber Module (SM)

An SM is the subscriber termination unit, it is a radio with a built-in 60 degree antenna.
An optional reflector assembly extends the wireless range.
DC power is supplied to the SM over the Cat-5 Ethernet cable.

Access point cluster

Subscriber module on pipe

Subscriber module with reflector


Motorola NON-Line-of-Sight

Point-to-multipoint wireless broadband service for 1,200 subscribers.
Motorola OFDM technology is used to establish reliable links over hills, around buildings, through trees and over water.

Data sheets

OFDM 30, 60 & 300Mbps
OFDM Backhaul Datasheet

Systems Mounted on Poles