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Pagers for Fire Departments and Rescue Teams

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  Minitor pager for firefighter
  Motorola MINITOR VI™ Stored Voice Pager
Motorola MINITOR VI™
Stored Voice Pager
  MINITOR VI™ Brochure  (pdf:527kB)
The Motorola MINITOR VI™ Pager (Minitor 6)

Motorola MINITOR VI™ pagers are ideal for fire departments, rescue organizations and businesses that must react quickly in times of emergency.


Why Choose Motorola

Motorola has manufactured first responder pagers since the1960s' when the Pagecom pager became widely adopted for calling volunteer firefighters to the fire hall. The current "Minitor" series of pagers dominates the fire market.


Why Choose RadioWorks
  • No-charge over-the-counter warranty service
  • RadioWorks has a pager service department complete with a screen-room and full time technician
  • RadioWorks has the Victoria regional programming information to coordinate frequencies and calling codes
Why Choose Motorola Minitor VI Pagers

The Motorola MINITOR VI™ pager out-performs other models

  • Simple to operate
  • Rugged construction
  • Loud and clear audio
  • Can be operated while wearing fire gloves
  • Can monitor conventional fire ground radio channels
  • See the product features listed below



MINITOR VI™ Approvals For Canadian Models

Record up to 16 minutes of messages, then replay, skip, fast forward, rewind, lock, unlock and delete
those messages directly on the Minitor VI pager.  You can customize call alerts, channel voice
announcements and vibrate types and assign different vibrates for each call address.


The Minitor VI comes with a rechargeable battery and offers other responder-essential accessories.
These include a charger with built-in voice amplifier so you never miss an alert; an alkaline battery tray for emergency in-field battery replacement; and voice announcements that indicate battery levels.

  • Up to 16 minutes of voice recording
  • Message management: Next/Prev, FF/RWD, DEL, Lock/Unlock
  • Customizable alert tones and memo announcements
  • Programmable alerts and vibrate profiles
  • Battery level voice announcements
  • Alkaline battery support

MINITOR VI™ Product Images

Minitor VI pager, Right side   Minitor VI pager, Front view    Minitor VI pager, Left side
Right Side
Left Side
Nylon carry case for Minitor VI pager   Minitor VI pager in desk charger   Minitor VI pager in desk charger with spare battery
Pager with Nylon Carry Case
Pager in Desk Charger
  Pager in Desk Charger
with Spare Battery
Minitor VI pager in amplifier/charger unit    Back panel of amplifier/charger unit showing antenna connector    Alkaline battery tray, holds 3 AAA cells. For non-UL models only. 
Amplifier / Charger Front
  Amplifier / Charger Rear
Showing Antenna Connector
Alkaline Battery Tray,
Holds 3 AAA cells


How to Configure Your MINITOR VI™

Call RadioWorks for Configuration Assistance 
RadioWorks pager technician in screen-room
RadioWorks pager technician
in screen-room
  • Model selection...
    • Standard model, or intrinsically safe model
    • 1 channel, or 5 channels
    • Band: VHF (143-174MHz), or UHF (1, 2, or 3)
  • For each switch position choose...
    • One radio frequency
    • One or more cap codes
    • "Vibe" or "No Vibe"
    • "Selective call" (hear just your calls) or "Monitor" (hear all radio traffic)
  • Optionally choose your custom alert tones
  • For each cap code in your pager choose one alert tone
  • Questions? - Contact RadioWorks for assistance
Hear Them Here (wav: ~70kB each):

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