Firefighter Pagers

The Motorola MINITOR VI™ Pager (Minitor 6)

Motorola MINITOR VI™ pagers are ideal for fire departments, rescue organizations and businesses that must react quickly in times of emergency. MINITOR VI™ Data Sheet PDF

Why Choose RadioWorks?

  • No-charge over-the-counter warranty service.
  • RadioWorks has a pager service department complete with a screen-room and full time technician.
  • RadioWorks has the Victoria regional programming information to coordinate frequencies and calling codes.

Why Choose Motorola Minitor VI Pagers?

  • The Motorola MINITOR VI™ pager out-performs other models.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Loud and clear audio.
  • Can be operated while wearing fire gloves.
  • Can monitor conventional fire ground radio channels.
  • See the product features listed below.




  • Up to 16 minutes of voice recording.
  • Message management: Next/Prev, FF/RWD, DEL, Lock/Unlock.
  • Customizable alert tones and memo announcements.
  • Programmable alerts and vibrate profiles.
  • Battery level voice announcements.
  • Alkaline battery support.