Rental Pager FAQs

How to Send a Message to Your Pager via Email

Use this Email (SMTP) address format to send messages to your pager.

  • (your 7 digit phone number).
  • (your optional 5 digit ID number).

Block Telemarketers from Your Pager or Phone!

  • Go to our National Do Not Call List.

PDF Files for Download


  • Send messages from your Internet browser, see: Internet Paging
  • PC com-port settings for se┬ánding text to pagers: 38400, 7, E, 1, Hardware handshake
  • US Robotics 56K external modem – DIP switches: (1234 5678): UUDU DUUD
  • US Robotics 56K modem – String: AT &F1 &C1 DT 250-480-2299
  • Other modems should work with: AT &F1 DT 250-480-2299
  • Telephone number for the modem to dial for RadioWorks pagers: 250-480-2299 (call RW for toll-free).
  • If you would like text message dispatch software for your PC – please ask.