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YouTube – MOTOTRBO™ Radios With Intelligent Audio

MOTOTRBO™ radios can be set to monitor background noise levels and automatically adjust the speaker volume so you don’t have to. For example, when you walk into a loud environment the speaker volume increases, and when you walk into a quiet office the radio reduces to levels acceptable by the office workers.

YouTube – MOTOTRBO™ IMPRES™ Audio Technology

MOTOTRBO™ radios can be set to automatically increase your microphone gain to compensate for quiet speech. You will sound loud and clear even when there is a need to whisper into your microphone. Soft-spoken people will also sound loud and clear.

YouTube – MOTOTRBO™ Bluetooth Audio Accessories

Our wireless Bluetooth headset for MOTOTRBO™ radios replaces traditional wired speaker-microphones.

YouTube – MOTOTRBO™ INC Remote Speaker Microphone

The INC remote speaker-microphone for MOTOTRBO™ radios supresses loud background noises so you can be heard even in difficult noise conditions.

INC = Industrial Noise Cancelling.

YouTube – MOTOTRBO™ XBT Heavy Duty Wireless Headset

The XBT is a wireless bluetooth headset for MOTOTRBO™ radios. The XBT actively blocks loud background noise to protect your hearing while receiving clear radio communications from your portable radio. The XBT headset allows you to hear normal conversations clearly even in the presence of high background noise, there is no need for shouting.

YouTube – MOTOTRBO™ Anywhere Client

This ‘App’ allows your smartphones and tablets to talk to MOTOTRBO™ radios. This app requires the installation of a MOTOTRBO™ Anywhere Gateway (an interface device).