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Advanced Digital Solutions With Drone Services from Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC)

Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society.
-Bill Gates – Co-founder of Microsoft

Why Drones?

Drone services like those provided by RadioWorks are becoming increasingly popular. These services are used for missions that would otherwise involve manned aircraft or other man-powered means. Listed below are just some of the reasons for the phenomenal growth in the popularity of drone services.

Safety Reasons

Using RadioWorks drone services will vastly improve safety conditions on your telecom/radio tower inspection or maintenance projects. Some of the safety benefits of employing modern drone technology include:
  • RadioWorks drone services can go places that humans cannot or should not go! High on unstable towers or climbing steep roof grades are very dangerous environments. Instead of sending in a man, send in a very capable machine.
  • RadioWorks drone services operate without fatigue, emotion, or human error. Sometimes emergencies, tight schedules, and other issues can have a distracting effect on humans that will not be experienced by drones.
  • RadioWorks drone services that are lost in action are much less tragic than the loss of their human counterparts. In other words, drones are more easily replaced!

Economic Reasons

Fueling a chopper, hiring a crew, flying to a project site, and hovering aloft for hours to perform the mission. All of these dramatically add to the cost of a telecom/radio tower inspection. The cost of hiring climbing crews to inspect towers and other structures is quite costly as well. The cost of operation for a drone mission is much less than alternative methods. That is how RadioWorks is able to pass those savings on to its clients.

Speed and Thoroughness Reasons

RadioWorks drone services are critical to a mission because of the speed and thoroughness with which they operate. There is no comparison for the time it takes to reach the top of a tower or structure. A drone can do it much faster than a human tower climber. RadioWorks drone services also have the capability of collecting enough data in a few short flights to create a precise interactive 3D digital model of a subject. RadioWorks then uses sophisticated software to compare current 3D models of a tower or structure to previous models. These detailed comparisons identify any changes or differences over time. These differences can indicate an unsafe shifting or degradation in the tower or structure.

Why RadioWorks Drone Services?

Drone technology is not only here to stay, but it will only improve as time goes by! Even today, high-res, thermal imaging and infrared cameras can now be drone-lifted. These cameras can examine subjects in low-light, no-light, smoke-filled, and other challenging environments. As drone technology continues to advance, RadioWorks will remain at the cutting edge of discovery. Listed below are some drone applications that RadioWorks currently stands ready to deliver to their clients:

Tower or Structure Inspection and Maintenance

RadioWorks drone services offer clients thorough inspections and maintenance of a variety of structures. These include telecom towers, radio towers, powerlines, pipelines, bridges, and more. RadioWorks offers cost-friendly solutions to access hard-to-reach locations without posing any risks to human personnel.

High-Quality, Hi-Res Photography & Videography

RadioWorks drone services can provide clients with dazzling photography and stunning videography. These services can be used for commercials, movies, sporting events, real estate listings, and more! RadioWorks drone services can offer a distinct perspective. A perspective that is virtually impossible to capture with more costly and less flexible manned alternatives.

Emergency and Search & Rescue Missions

RadioWorks drone services can be deployed quickly and effectively when time is of the essence. They can arrive on-site and take flight faster than traditional manned aircraft. Once on the scene, RadioWorks drone services can get much closer to points of interest. And this is achieved without obscuring vision or spreading contaminants with heavy prop-wash. RadioWorks drone services can closely examine the condition of a missing subject. At the same time, they can send exact GPS location coordinates back to base camp. RadioWorks drone services can also get in close at a Hazmat scene. They can discover both the source and severity of a hazardous leak. And RadioWorks drone services can accomplish this mission while keeping Hazmat workers out of harm’s way!

Surveying and Mapping

Because of the advancements in drone technology, drones have become extremely useful in surveying and mapping. RadioWorks is competent in all the latest drone software innovations.

RadioWorks can provide clients with high-quality, high detail 2D maps and surveys. They can also provide clients with interactive 3D digital images of a telecom tower,a radio tower, plots, properties, and more! These images can be used for a variety of purposes. Placement planning for towers and structures, as well as planning and designing for land use projects, can be accomplished with them.

Get Your "Eye-In-The-Sky"

Sometimes your mission requires an eye-in-the-sky. If this is the case with you or your organization, take advantage of today’s advanced digital drone technology!

RadioWorks is a company you can trust for the latest in advanced digital imaging solutions. Contact RadioWorks today and get a quote for the advanced digital imaging solutions that you require for your specific mission!

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