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Team Communications for Oil and Gas in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC)

Global demand for oil is at an all-time high and is expected to continue growing. Safety and cost reduction are the greatest concerns the industry faces; being able to maintain communications and streamlining operations is imperative.
Safety is the reason oil and gas industry uses intrinsically safe equipment to safeguard personnel working in hazardous locations with potentially explosive substances, ensuring that industry safety and performance requirements are strictly upheld.
Contact RadioWorks to get started on equipping your team with the best communications solutions for your industry and operation.

Motorola Two-Way Radio System Communications

We understand how crucial it is to have communication equipment that works. Limited function, poor coverage, and time lags are issues that you can’t afford to deal with. Motorola MOTOTRBO two-way radios provide your workers with a simple, on-site connection that is durable, with a long-lasting battery life, and intuitive operation, enabling your staff to communicate effectively. With reliable, clear audio, your team will be able to share essential details to keep everyone involved in your event updated, informed, and safe.

Whether it involves operations staff, administrative workers, or security, a critical incident can occur at any time, in any place, and without warning. The better equipped each team member is to deal with a situation, the higher the chances are of a positive outcome.

Or maybe you’re just looking to streamline your operations with quick and easy communication, and want equipment that is durable and has a long expected life.

Motorola Durable Radios

In an oil field, safe also has to mean durable. Motorola MOTOTRBO radios are the rugged solution you are looking for. You will quickly discover that these radios are manufactured to withstand the extreme elements commonly found on oil fields. They also have a superior external design that minimizes the risk of the battery detaching if dropped.

Motorola MOTOTRBO Two-Way Land Mobile Radios in British Columbia

MOTOTRBO systems can be optimized to streamline the mobilization of response across wide areas and multiple sites. These two-way radio systems include key features such as:

  • Early warning siren activation
  • Geographic redundancy
  • Preemptive priority call
  • Remote terminal management
  • Unified push-to-talk (PTT)
  • Automated notification
  • Group call
  • Man down

Motorola's Leading Technology

The function of Motorola’s two-way radios goes beyond the scope of just enhancing communications. Synchronize the way your team exchanges information and watch your productivity grow.

Learn more about how you can integrate Motorola MOTOTRBO Radios, Motorola MOTOTRBO Repeaters, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software for remote system operations,  Motorola Push-to-Talk Over Cellular, Motorola ION for Android applications, Motorola’s dispatch consoles, and more, into your British Columbia operations, by requesting a quote today!

The MOTOTRBO line offers a variety of systems that cater to the different needs of businesses, all while maintaining a high standard of durability, quality, and maximum network coverage. Both portable and mobile radios employ digital technology for exceptional voice quality, simple data sharing, enhanced features, and more.

Motorola MOTOTRBO systems include options for use of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software, so that you can manage your operations remotely, for example turning on sprinkler systems or activating lights or alarms.

Motorola Ion for Android Applications

MOTOTRBO Ion brings together renowned PTT performance, an open app ecosystem on the Android platform, and access to the Motorola Solutions technology ecosystem — including video security and analytics, and best-in-class network security. With Ion, teams stay connected across networks and devices. Business-critical data and workflows are unified and simplified. And the capabilities your workforce needs to be at their best are always on.

Control Room Dispatch Consoles

Control room dispatch consoles for emergency oil and gas keep the focus of your operations where it needs to be when every second counts. Our coordination tools and enhanced intelligence are sourced directly from the call-handling software. Your dispatchers will be empowered to better support and inform personnel in the field with real-time access to critical information.

Don’t forget to include your dispatch consoles when deciding on which oil and gas radio in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC) best meets your needs. If your communication system is due for an upgrade, Motorola has the two-way radios, dispatch technology, and intrinsically safe radios in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC) to make daily operations a breeze. When people can communicate across a rig or plant, it saves time, money, and most importantly – it saves lives.

Intrinsically Safe

Ensure you select the correct Motorola products for your work site.  Intrinsically safe equipment allows for safe operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas by limiting the electrical and thermal energy available for ignition.

Motorola Accessories

We understand the unique needs of oil and gas customers, like the need for clear audio and rugged equipment that is easy to use. We offer a wide range of audio accessories, carrying cases, dispatch tools, and rapid chargers that will enhance your on-site communications and increase productivity. Have a look at our Motorola Accessories Catalog today to see how our radio accessories will enhance your team’s communication on the job site.

Two-Way Radio Rentals and Repairs in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC)

Two-Way Radio Rentals in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC)

For short-term projects, you may not want to invest capital funds in equipment. Or, you may just want to see first-hand how the equipment will benefit your operation before you commit. Two-way radio rentals are the solution you’ve been looking for! Call RadioWorks for your radio rental request. We are the best two-way radio rental provider for all of the supplies your oil and gas operations in British Columbia.

Two-Way Radio Repairs in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC)

If anything goes wrong with your Motorola two-way radios, we can take care of it. We handle the repairs and servicing of Motorola radios for oil and gas operations in British Columbia. We know that when your two-way radios are down, it affects your business, so we’re here to help you get back up and running as soon as possible.

Other Services for Oil and Gas in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC)

See About Us for more information, including what we offer for:

  • Radio Systems including analog, digital, Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP), Push-to-Talk (PTT) over cellular, telephony interconnect, dispatch systems and consoles, antenna systems including in-building bi-directional antenna (BDA) and distributed antenna (DAS) systems, disaster communications kits, and comprehensive preventative maintenance and redundancy planning
  • Aeronautic Radio
  • IT Services targeting small local businesses and smaller local government organizations without any (or enough) internal IT resources, facilitating connection between your workstations (office and mobile), servers, cameras, shared printers, radios, voice phone, and more.
  • Vehicle upfitting, retrofitting, and decommissioning for emergency and service vehicles, with lighting and siren hardware and control systems, two-way radio and antenna systems, prisoner transport systems, gun racks, in-car video recording systems; mobile (laptop) docking stations, dash-mounted radar systems, GPS systems, specialized center consoles, bumpers and other miscellaneous related equipment and systems.
  • GPS Tracking for fleet vehicles and personal tracking

Regardless of the scope or complexity of your communication needs, RadioWorks has the right communications system for you. Request a Quote or Contact Us for your free assessment.

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