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Victoria Wide Area Radio & Paging Network

The importance of reliable communications systems can’t be understated.  It’s a utility rarely seen yet constantly used, and in business it is key to managing and coordinating your team and resources. 
Finding reliable communication in Victoria and Vancouver Island, and the surrounding Gulf Islands, can be a challenge, but RadioWorks is up to the task. 
RadioWorks owns and operates radio and paging networks that provide a significantly larger coverage area than customer owned systems, and for a greater cost advantage for clients.  Our networks can also offer the advantage of better coverage than consumer cellular networks in our often-challenging undulating terrain, so your team is less likely to miss a call.  
RadioWorks offers low-cost options for both a wide area radio system for two-way voice and data communications, and a wide area paging system for one-way messages, keeping staff coordinated, efficient, and safe on the job, while alleviating your budget constraints.  

RadioWorks Wide Area Two-Way Radio System

RadioWorks Wide Area Two-Way Radio System offers voice and data communications over a large area of Victoria, Vancouver Island, and the Gulf Islands.  By using RadioWorks’ wide area two-way radio system, customers can easily and efficiently communicate with low cost privacy, security, and durability.  Leveraging our network of radio repeaters across the region, RadioWorks can offer airtime, and equipment for purchase or rental, or rent-to-own agreements.    RadioWorks’ Wide Area Radio System provides both clear voice and data communication as well as GPS tracking technology.

Our wide area radio service is designed to help local businesses with two-way voice and data communications; some of these include:

  • Construction – From the head office to the job site and everywhere in between, connect with your team in the field to make sure that resources are coordinated, people are at the right location, and when issues arise you can react and adjust to keep projects on time and budget.
  • Transportation – Whether you are a courier, tow truck, bus, or waste removal service having your team connected at all times is vital for success.  RadioWorks Wide Area Radio System keeps everyone moving in the right direction. By having your team connected via our radio network, saves time, dollars, and frustration for your team and customers.
  • Hospitality -  Customer service is the name of the game for the hospitality industry.   Being able to service your customers quickly is critical for repeat customers and five star reviews.  Leveraging RadioWorks Wide Area Radio System for your hospitality team moving and working together for your customers.

Please feel free to reach out and we can demonstrate the value of the RadioWorks Wide Area Two Way Radio System today. 

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RadioWorks Paging System

Nostalgia rings true with the RadioWorks’ paging system.  The most extensive (and now, likely only remaining) paging service on Vancouver Island, this system has repeatedly proven best coverage on Vancouver Island and surrounding areas with full system redundancy for customer confidence.  While considered by many to be a legacy system, our paging service is a tried-tested-true communication delivery system currently used by nearly all local health services, first responders, and important utility/service organizations. 

It provides a simple communications means, receiving brief voice or text messages without the need of cell phones.   Pagers hold the distinction of being more cost effective than other forms of wireless communication, like cellphones, as well as easily transferrable between group members, and carry a distinctive ringtone that is hard to miss during those critical moments.  

RadioWorks Paging Network is designed to help a number of industries, some of these include:

  • Healthcare – Pagers in healthcare have long been the preferred form of wireless communications device. Excellent for communications inside hospitals, but also able to be used outside the hospital campus to contact medical specialists 24 hours a day. Pagers are also an excellent form of redundant communications for backup in the emergency situations and critical personnel are needed.
  • Emergency Services – Pagers are still very common in first-responder organizations. They allow members to go on with their lives, but when an emergency call comes in they can respond and help our community.
  • Property Management – If you and your team are managing a number of properties issues are going to be happening on a regular basis.   Pagers are an excellent system to allow your tenets to reach out for help.  This allows your team to receive the message, prioritize the jobs for the day, and ensure you have long term customers.

Rental Pagers

Advisor Gold AlphaNumeric Pager
Pronto Numeric Pager
Keynote Numeric Pager

Why Choose RadioWorks as Your Pager Provider

  • We own and operate our own paging network
  • We have an in-house pager service shop
  • Free and immediate over-the-counter pager exchange
  • Free over-the-counter pager battery replacement
  • Customized pager services such as group call
  • Options include Voice, Numeric and Alpha pagers
  • Local service and knowledgeable, caring staff

It’s the 21st Century, Why Pagers?

  • Pagers have a distinctive alert tone that you are unlikely to miss, compared to cell phones
  • Pager phone numbers are never busy
  • Screen nuisance calls (you don’t have to answer a pager)
  • Pagers are affordable, durable and easy to use
  • One disposable AA battery lasts all month
  • Carry a pager in case your cell phone fails
  • Paging services cost far less than cellular services
  • Pagers cost as little as $25 to replace if lost
  • Damaged pagers can be replaced in 10 minutes at the counter

Can’t Afford to Miss Important Calls?

Cell phones can miss calls when the ringer is inadvertently muted, the battery goes flat, or the phone is misplaced. To avoid these situations carry a pager so you can still be contacted.


Voicemail for Pagers

  • With voicemail your callers will be prompted to leave their name, phone number and the reason for their call.
  • Voicemail allows you to retrieve voice and numeric messages from any telephone.

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The importance of reliable radio and paging communications systems can’t be understated. If you are in need of technology to keep your people connected, enlist RadioWorks for help in purchasing or rentals. Contact us to learn more about our products and our current promotions and special offers.

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