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Communications for Airplanes, Helicopters, and Airports

Communications are critical in the aviation industry. Ensure that your plane, helicopter, and ground vehicles are equipped with the best and most reliable radio communications, with Technisonic’s aeronautic radio equipment.
Manufactured in Canada, Technisonic’s equipment can be found in planes and helicopters used by pilots and ground operators in government, private, and commercial organizations all over the world.


RadioWorks offers the best aeronautic radios for airplanes and helicopters. Our primary manufacturer is industry leader Technisonic, who can offer you high reliability and easy installation.

Technisonic’s airborne communications systems are the “system of choice” for many customers, in use in both government and commercial operations across Canada, the United States, and around the world. Technisonic is a world leader in the development of aviation communications products.

Technisonic radio communication systems offer high reliability, easy-to-use interfaces and the ability to handle all of your communications needs from one board. The variety of models offers means that we can almost always find exactly what you need from this one high-quality manufacturer.

Through Technisonic, RadioWorks is able to offer two key solutions for both private pilots and government agencies:

  1. P25 radios are the standard for public safety and emergency service customers. Technisonic’s P25 radios meet all of the specifications needed. These radios are configurable to your requirements and we can advise on the specific model you need for your agency’s requirements. They also come in lightweight configurations ideal for installation on helicopters.
  2. Analog FM Radios. These are used for small aircraft and can come in single and multiband versions depending on your needs. They facilitate your air to ground communications and ensure that you can land at the busiest airports without a problem. They are very simple to install and thus can easily be retrofitted to older planes.

Air to Ground Communications

RadioWorks provides the most advanced air to ground radio communication equipment. With Technisonic aviation radio technology, aircraft can communicate with the ground from virtually anywhere in the world at any expected altitude. Sold across the world, this technology is used by all manner of buyers from commercial businesses for airplane radio and helicopter radio, to government institutions and public safety aircrafts.

RadioWorks’ products set themselves even further apart from the more antiquated radio systems many imagine with the additional technology built into its equipment. These radios can contact multiple sources at one for group calling-style communications, making them ideal for aviation base radio functions as they can connect to multiple pilots at once. Broadcasts can also be encrypted for extra security and feature caller ID like a modern phone. Not only that, units come equipped with GPS tracking capabilities, adding a further layer of safety to the process of air travel.

Airport Operations Radio Communications

Even on the ground, RadioWorks delivers comprehensive communications technology to those who keep planes in the air. RadioWorks’ standard Motorola Land Mobile Digital Radios facilitate effective communication between people throughout an airport. From security guards to maintenance workers to handlers to screeners and more, virtually any personnel can find a use for these radios.

More rugged and cost-effective than cellular phones, Motorola radio systems have a range large enough to communicate from almost anywhere in an airport with little to no interference. They are also a vital piece of equipment to have in an emergency, as coordinating the evacuation or sheltering of both staff and visitors during a fire, natural disaster, or other issues will be key.

Motorola radio systems also benefit from being controlled by an airport and not reliant on cellular networks which increase security and safety.

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