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Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC) Two-Way Radio Product Catalog

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Technisonic RC-9000 Transceiver

The RC-9000 is designed to be a remote control head for the TDFM-9000, 9200, and 9300 airborne transceivers. It is a secondary (slave) control point and is not intended…

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RC-9000 Transceiver
Technisonic RC-9100 Transceiver

The RC-9100 is designed to be a remote control head for the TDFM-9100 airborne transceiver. It is a secondary (slave) control point and is not intended to replace the…

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RC-9100 Transceiver
Technisonic TAF-550 Transceiver

Power for the TAF-550 can be external 120 VAC, external 12 VDC or 24 VDC. Both transceiver modules utilize state of the art, microprocessor controlled frequency…

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TAF-550 Transceiver
Technisonic TBS-100/200/300 SERIES Transceivers

Operating frequency for each channel can be programmed in the field by service personnel via an internal jumper matrix. Optional TLI-203 Line Interface card (Part No….

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TBS-100/200/300 SERIES Transceivers
Technisonic TBS-150/250/350 SERIES Transceivers

Microprocessor based control circuitry allows the user to store up to ten frequencies in non volatile memory, then easily recall, seek or scan them. These systems…

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TBS-150/250/350 SERIES Transceivers
Technisonic TDFM-136B Transceiver

The TDFM-136B transceiver is capable of analog and digital communications on every available channel in the General Service VHF High Band (136 to 174 MHz). It is also…

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TDFM-136B Transceiver
Technisonic TDFM-9100 Transceiver

The TDFM-9100 is a multi-band airborne FM transceiver capable of supporting either one or two All-Band P25 modules. This versatile transceiver is the same physical size…

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TDFM-9100 Transceiver
Technisonic TDFM-9200 Transceiver

The TDFM-9200 multi-band, airborne transceiver supports digital and conventional analog operation in one or two P25 (Phase I and Phase II) compliant FM…

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TDFM-9200 Transceiver
Technisonic TDFM-9300 Transceiver

The TDFM-9300 is similar to the TDFM-9000 except that, instead of supporting six RF modules, the TDFM-9300 supports up to four P25 All-Band modules, PLUS one…

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TDFM-9300 Transceiver
Technisonic TLC-100 Transceiver

Up to six aeronautical band operating frequencies can easily be programmed in the field via an internal jumper matrix. This 7 Watt transceiver operates from 117.975 MHz…

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TLC-100 Transceiver
Technisonic TLC-150 Transceiver

Operating range is 117.975 MHz to 138 MHz with 25.0 KHz channel spacing. Microprocessor control circuitry allows the user to store up to 10 pre-programmed channels in…

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TLC-150 Transceiver
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