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  • Technisonic TDFM-9300 Transceiver

Technisonic TDFM-9300 Transceiver

The TDFM-9300 is similar to the TDFM-9000 except that, instead of supporting six RF modules, the TDFM-9300 supports up to four P25 All-Band modules, PLUS one analog module. The available analog modules are:

VHF Lo (30 to 50 MHz),
VHF/AM 118 to 136 MHz (aeronautical band),
 UHF/AM 225 to 400 MHz (military band).

  • Available Multiple Encryption Keys: 64 Common Key Reference (CKR) or 16 Physical Identifier Reference (PID) keys.
  • Built-in audio switching allows multiple RF modules in combined or separate transceiver configurations.
  • Dimensions: 4.5” (H), 5.75” (W) and 8.5” (D)
  • Each radio module can store 3000 channels and can be programmed to operate in digital or analog mode on a channel-by-channel basis.
  • Each radio module independently supports SCAN across its entire frequency spectrum.
  • New User 1, User 2 operator configuration
  • Optional Encryption protocols: AES, DES-OFB, DES-XL, DVP, and DVP-XL.
  • Optional P25 Phase 1 (FDMA) and Phase 2 (TDMA) Trunking is also available.
  • Radio modules can be individually configured to include any P25 options such as trunking, encryption, OTAR, etc.
  • Standard ADP Encryption
  • Supports simulcast and cross-band repeat.
  • The analog band is easily operated and programmed via the front panel keypad. The P25 modules are programmed using Motorola APX-CPS programming software.
  • The new All-Band P25 module can support analog/digital operation on the full FM Band spectrum (VHF, UHF, and 7/800) or can be configured to support operation on any mix of all three bands, two bands, or on any single band.
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