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Our Industry Partners

RadioWorks is locally owned and operated, with the strength of industry leading technology partners to support us.  

Motorola Solutions

RadioWorks is Motorola Solution’s Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC)’s specialist for over 30 years.  Motorola Solutions offers mission-critical and industrial communications solutions for front-line personnel. Motorola Solutions Land Mobile Radio is ideal for commercial and public safety.  With expanding services in digital technology, Motorola Solutions also offers additional safety and operational features that provide efficient communication and safety.  Motorola promises reliable technology and enhanced data transfer, greater location tracking, interoperability, and more.

Cisco and Cisco Meraki

Cisco is a leader in IT solutions for today’s workspaces. They manage the security protection of data and users with powerful, scalable, and emerging applications all available on a cloud network.

Cisco Meraki is the newest solution for the management of small and medium business IT infrastructures. It alleviates Wi-Fi congestion, supports the rollout of IoT, and is ready to handle the ever-evolving demands for faster data returns on multiple devices.

RadioWorks and Cisco Meraki will be instrumental in redefining your efficiency and digital user experience.

Whelen Safety Lighting

We partner with Whelen Safety Lighting to help you get the best in public safety lighting.  With meticulous engineering, rigorous testing, exceptional design, and reliability, Whelen is a provider of high-quality emergency lighting and warning products for law enforcement, fire, emergency first responders, public works and transit, and more.

Whelen’s production process uses advanced technology and with hand assembly, and they have a rich history of tech innovation curated by a team of specialized professionals.

David Clark

An industry leader, David Clark designs two-way radio and marine headsets providing great equipment for people operating on hazardous or explosive sites.

David Clark’s noise reduction products ensure communication lines stay open between first responders and frontline staff in firefighting, rescue, construction, emergency medical services, and more. David Clark has safety headsets, emergency grade two-ways, and radio direct solutions.


From VHF to P25, Technisonic offers a complete line of airborne radios. Technisonic concentrates its efforts on airborne RF, and audio and aeronautic VHF ground communication systems. They’re the go-to for air ambulance, law enforcement, firefighting, and electronic news gathering, and RadioWorks encourages you to explore its possibilities.


Hytera Communications (parent company of Hytera Canada), partners with Siemens and IBM in manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and IT, and subsidiaries include Norsat and Sinclair, amongst others, to provide emergency and commercial Land Mobile Radio communications systems with digital features like GPS.


The Tallysman solution is specifically designed for Fleet Tracking applications on Cellular LTE-M networks.  Track, manage, and audit your fleet using reliable GPS-based location and event updates across any LTE network.

GPS Trackit

From real-time vehicle tracking to up-to-the-minute reports, GPS Trackit offers a solution that’s guaranteed to fit your business for time tracking, driver behavior, and 24/7 monitoring.

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