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RadioWorks - Serving Business and Government in Victoria and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, for over 30 Years

RadioWorks is Vancouver Island's leader in Victoria mobile and wireless communications technology.

Why RadioWorks

We take pride in our reputation and we strive for excellence in customer service. We maintain a great team of employees, and partner with leading technology firms like Motorola Solutions, Cisco and Cisco Meraki, Microsoft, Watchguard, Whelen, David Clark, Technisonic, Codan, Sinclair, Hytera Communications (Canada), Scale Computing, and more.

While most of our business occurs locally in Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, and across British Columbia (BC), our expertise has broadened our scope to cross-Canada and international markets including the USA, Europe, South America, and the South Pacific.

What do we do?

As our name suggests, our business began with radio communication systems; but, we have grown to reach new markets.   We have been upfitting vehicles for public safety, construction, towing, and other mobile markets since the 1990’s.  Since 2017, RadioWorks has led change in the radio industry by incorporating Information Technology (IT) Services into our service offering, as we saw that radio, along with nearly everything, has become integrated with and more dependent on IT.

We have a daily commitment to serving customers across all levels of government and private business.  Wherever communication needs are, you can find us; including public safety, healthcare, transportation (including  shipping, road, and aviation), hospitality, retail, housing, construction, manufacturing, schools, recreation, events, and film.  

We now provide consulting, design, build/install services and associated products not only for radio but all aspects of communications, altogether enabling us to provide a full spectrum of integrated communications systems for your office, worksite, and fleet.

  • Radio Systems including analog, digital, Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP), Push-to-Talk (PTT) over cellular, telephony interconnect, dispatch systems and consoles, antenna systems including in-building bi-directional antenna (BDA) and distributed antenna (DAS) systems, disaster communications kits, and comprehensive preventative maintenance and redundancy planning
  • Aeronautic Radio
  • IT Services targeting small local businesses and smaller local government organizations without any (or enough) internal IT resources, facilitating connection between your workstations (office and mobile), servers, cameras, shared printers, radios, voice phone, and more.
  • Vehicle upfitting, retrofitting, and decommissioning for emergency and service vehicles, with lighting and siren hardware and control systems, two-way radio and antenna systems, prisoner transport systems, gun racks, in-car video recording systems; mobile (laptop) docking stations, dash-mounted radar systems, GPS systems, specialized center consoles, bumpers and other miscellaneous related equipment and systems.
  • Paging via RadioWorks-owned subscriber system, on-site paging, and Minitor 6 firehall pagers
  • Wide Area Radio Network subscriber system
  • GPS Tracking for fleet vehicles and personal tracking
  • Radio rentals (point to point and wide area) typically used for films and events but also for augmenting customer-owned systems
  • Site sub-leasing options should customers wish to expand their own system coverage beyond their own properties.

See Two Way Radio Sales for more information about why you should choose radio in the 21st century!

Community Support

At RadioWorks, our support of Victoria goes beyond the workplace, to helping charities and organizations that support our community’s families and children. 

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... In Other News

We spend so much time serving Victoria and Vancouver Island, that some of our staff were on site at BC Transit in Victoria, BC, when Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and BC’s Premier John Horgan visited, joined by BC Transit’s CEO Erinn Pinkerton!

Politics aside, it’s neat any way you look at it. Check out the Twitter post!

And here is a video from Victoria’s Saanich Police Department showing our work on the community vehicle, donated in support of the Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock in 2019.

Our History

RadioWorks’ doors were opened in 1989 by Wayne and Eleanor Salisbury, who in 1991 were joined by Alan Gilmour as a partner. After working non-stop and growing the business for over 25 years, retirement was on the horizon and a business sale was the dream.  In 2015, Karen and Stefan Hudson (daughter and son-in-law to Wayne and Eleanor) agreed to continue the family business, and purchased RadioWorks in 2016.

With Karen’s background in financial and contract management in the BC Government, and Stefan’s background in private sector Information Technology sales and business, RadioWorks has continued to grow as a technology leader in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and across the seas.

Remembrance of Alan Gilmour

We want to take a moment to acknowledge our friend Alan Gilmour. Alan was a minority shareholder in RadioWorks and continued on as an employee after the ownership transfer in 2016. With many decades of experience, Alan was our go-to resource and a Victoria legend in many ways. He left us in 2020 after a short and unexpected, but brave, battle with cancer.

Alan’s impact is still felt daily; RadioWorks and the team are forever grateful for the knowledge and experience he shared.

RadioWorks is Here to Help You

We will help you to choose the right solutions for you – whether your goals are driven by simple need for communication, or budget, legal requirement, operational efficiency, or anything else – and we will work with our partners to implement high quality and high value solutions that meet your needs.

We are RadioWorks and we are proud to support Victoria and Vancouver Island with outstanding service and with the same commitment we give to ourselves and our families.

Regardless of the scope or complexity of your communication needs, RadioWorks has the right communications system for you. Request a Quote or Contact Us for your free assessment.

Are you ready to get to work?

Get in touch and find out how RadioWorks can help your business.

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