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Radio Sales in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC)

With the push of a button, the right solution can help your team maximize time and reduce inefficiencies, connecting your Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC) team and keeping them safe, secure, and effective.
Discover how portable and mobile radios from RadioWorks will elevate your business operations.

Why Choose Radio in the 21st Century?

Whether it involves frontline staff, administrative workers, or security, a critical incident can occur at any time, in any place, and without warning. The better equipped each team member is to deal with a situation, the higher the chances are of a positive outcome.

Or maybe you’re just looking to streamline your operations with quick and easy communication, and want equipment that is durable and has a long expected life.

What can you expect from a radio system?

  • Push-to-talk instant connections between team members, in groups pre-determined by you – one-to-one and one-to-many
  • Improved response time for operations and in emergencies; quicker than cellular
  • Enhanced job safety with features like GPS location tracking, and man-down and emergency buttons
  • From thin and sleek, to rugged and durable; all handheld radio options are designed to be reliable and easy-to-use
  • Clear audio, even at the noisiest locations with powerful speakers and background noise reduction technology
  • Compatibility with IP and data connection for expanded system use, e.g.
      • dispatch consoles and software
      • network management software including over the air programming (OTAP)
      • work order ticketing
      • software controls to accomplish tasks like activating lights and sprinkler systems remotely (SCADA)
  • Compatibility with a traditional phone line
  • Enhanced range; receive important messages even in hard-to-reach areas like basements and tunnels
  • A variety of accessories, e.g. discreet earpieces, chest-packs, and intrinsically safe batteries


Portables (Handheld Radios)

Options for integrating Motorola MOTOTRBO digital portable radios into your Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC) business include:

  • CP200d™ Portable Radio
  • SL300 Portable Radio
  • XPR™ 3000e Series Portable Radios
  • XPR™ 7000e Series Portable Radios
  • SL 7000e Series Portable Radios

Popular built-in features include emergency call, text messaging, transmit interrupt, and location-tracking. The rugged design of MOTOTRBO devices ensures connectivity in the harshest conditions.

View the Portables Product Catalog for features and specs.

Mobiles (Vehicle Radios)

With double the capacity in digital mode, improved audio clarity, and integrated data applications, Motorola MOTOTRBO mobile radios are revolutionizing the way teams communicate. When workers are doing road repairs, technicians are repairing electrical lines, or security personnel are patrolling parking lots, these MOTOTRBO radios will keep your teams connected:

  • CM200d™ and CM300d™ Mobile Radios
  • XPR™ 2500 Mobile Radio
  • XPR™ 5000e Series Mobile Radios

Features of Motorola mobile two-way radios that will benefit your Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC) business include emergency call, radio disable/enable, third-party applications and control station configuration.

View the Mobile Product Catalog for more features and options.  


Motorola supports a wide range of accessories to enhance your two-way radio capabilities. From intrinsically safe remote speaker microphones to heavy-duty headsets with wireless Bluetooth capabilities, RadioWorks offers a wide selection of Motorola two-way radio accessories.

You can browse through our full Catalog of Motorola Accessories to find everything you need to connect your team and keep them safe.

Motorola WAVE and Team Communications

Communication across departments, from the boardroom to the warehouse, calls for a solution that is adaptable and scalable, such as Motorola’s WAVE™ PTX solution.

This software allows the use of both typical two-way radios and cloud-based software on smartphones and tablets, to provide easy communication amongst personnel, multiple agencies, and devices. This two-way radio system software uses mobile data networks to expand communication to every corner of the job for your British Columbia team.

Motorola ION

MOTOTRBO Ion brings together push-to-talk performance, an open app ecosystem on the Android platform, and access to the Motorola Solutions technology ecosystem — including video security and analytics, and best-in-class network security.

With Ion, teams stay connected across networks and devices. Business-critical data and workflows are unified and simplified. And the capabilities your workforce needs to be at their best are always on.

Give your operations the boost it needs with Motorola MOTOTRBO radios, found conveniently in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC).

Request a quote for a solution built for your business requirements and budget by contacting RadioWorks today.

Other Options

RadioWorks offers options to suit any need, budget, or other preference.  This includes our Radio Rental fleet, our own Wide Area Radio Network with options for FlexPay, as well as product sales from manufacturers Hytera Communications and Tait Communications. 

For more information, see:

  • Radio Rentals
  • Wide Area Radio Network
  • Partners

Discover how all of these features make the Motorola MOTOTRBO Systems the leading choice for communications solutions in the Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC). Request a Quote or Contact Us for a free communications assessment to find out more.

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