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Team Communications for Healthcare in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC)

Healthcare workers in hospitals, extended care, and nursing homes need instant and reliable communications, wherever they are – at the office, at home on call, or in the field. And with today’s critical communicable diseases, healthcare workers are increasingly at risk of demanding conditions including violence in the workplace. Improving communications in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC)’s healthcare industry is the first line of defense in making these work environments better.
Communications for healthcare teams in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC) not only increase safety but also facilitate other positive organizational outcomes like improved efficiency and higher morale.
If your hospital, extended care facility, or nursing home is ready to reap the benefits of a complete communications system, request a quote today to get started.

Motorola Solutions for Healthcare in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC)

We understand how crucial it is to have communication equipment that works. Limited function, poor coverage, and time lags are issues that you can’t afford to deal with. Motorola MOTOTRBO two-way radios provide your workers with a simple, on-site connection that is durable, with a long-lasting battery life, and intuitive operation, enabling your staff to communicate effectively. With reliable, clear audio, your team will be able to share essential details to keep everyone involved in your event updated, informed, and safe.

Whether it involves frontline staff, administrative workers, or security, a critical incident can occur at any time, in any place, and without warning. The better equipped each team member is to deal with a situation, the higher the chances are of a positive outcome.

Or maybe you’re just looking to streamline your operations with quick and easy communication, and want equipment that is durable and has a long expected life.

Motorola MOTOTRBO Two-Way Land Mobile Radios in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC)

Our two-way MOTOTRBO radios are at the heart of effective hospital communications in the Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC) during a crisis. Unlike other wireless systems that are dependent on an external network or commercial carrier for a real-time flow of information, our digital two-way radios operate on their own communications network for optimal reliability.

Motorola two-way radios provide you with reliable and instant access to your network when you need it most. Motorola radios for healthcare in the Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC) are HIPAA-compliant, which means the confidentiality of patients, workers, and operations is secure. Get your team started with Motorola MOTOTRBO radios today to see the difference for yourself.

Motorola's Leading Technology

The function of Motorola’s two-way radios goes beyond the scope of just enhancing communications. Synchronize the way your team exchanges information and watch your productivity grow.

Learn more about how you can integrate Motorola MOTOTRBO Radios, Motorola MOTOTRBO Repeaters, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software for remote system operations,  Motorola Push-to-Talk Over Cellular, Motorola ION for Android applications, Motorola’s dispatch consoles, and more, into your British Columbia operations, by requesting a quote today!

The MOTOTRBO line offers a variety of systems that cater to the different needs of businesses, all while maintaining a high standard of durability, quality, and maximum network coverage. Both portable and mobile radios employ digital technology for exceptional voice quality, simple data sharing, enhanced features, and more.

Motorola MOTOTRBO systems include options for use of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software, so that you can manage your operations remotely, for example turning on sprinkler systems or activating lights or alarms.

Motorola WAVE and Push-to-Talk Over Cellular Team Communications

Whether it involves frontline staff, administrative workers, or security, an incident in the hospital can occur at any time, in any place, and without warning. The better equipped each team member is to deal with a situation, the higher the chances are of a positive outcome.

Find out how healthcare communications in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC) calls for a solution that is mobile, adaptable and scalable, such as Motorola’s WAVE™ PTX solution.

This software allows the use of both typical two-way radios and cloud-based software on mobile smartphones and tablets, to provide easy communication amongst personnel, multiple agencies, and devices. This two-way radio system software uses mobile data networks to expand communication to every corner of the job for your British Columbia team.

From the emergency room triage station to the X-Ray room, Motorola and RadioWorks have you covered.

Motorola Ion for Android Applications

MOTOTRBO Ion brings together renowned PTT performance, an open app ecosystem on the Android platform, and access to the Motorola Solutions technology ecosystem — including video security and analytics, and best-in-class network security. With Ion, teams stay connected across networks and devices. Business-critical data and workflows are unified and simplified. And the capabilities your workforce needs to be at their best are always on.

Dispatch Consoles

Motorola Dispatch Consoles provide your team with reliable, relevant, and real-time service. When your first responders need critical intelligence, data, and communication, they can trust our equipment to help your dispatchers deliver.

Our consoles offer dispatchers interoperable capabilities to reach across multiple applications and resources. Seamless dedicated recording, simple interfaces, and advanced messaging capabilities enhance how quickly and efficiently your responders make decisions.

Incident Management

The key to Motorola Incident Management Software is enabling integrated data applications such as text messaging, GPS-based location tracking, workforce productivity applications, and more into one platform. That allows for instant responses in emergency situations, and the increase in response time can make all the difference to someone in need. Find out how incident management software can improve emergency response, resolve issues for your clientele, and keep your team safe.

Motorola Accessories

From discreet headsets to long-life batteries, RadioWorks offers a wide selection of Motorola two-way radio accessories that are designed for use by first responders.

You can browse through our full Catalog of Motorola Accessories to find everything you need to connect your crew and keep them safe.

Other Solutions for Healthcare in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC)

Emergency Preparedness

Healthcare operations play a significant role in the safety of the public when it comes to critical events like an earthquake in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC). When disaster strikes, coordinating large groups of people can be demanding. Help your staff communicate and coordinate more reliably with on-site communications that don’t rely on the public cellular network.

Disaster communications kits and battery backup can help you, and the community that you help to serve.

In-Building Coverage

How is the signal coverage inside your hospital or retirement building?  In many Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC) municipalities, new construction has requirements for added emergency communications equipment, but older buildings are grandfathered in.  That doesn’t help when a critical incident is happening. 

Basements and subterranean floors are notorious for limited coverage and poor signal reception.  In-building coverage can be retro-fit to ensure emergency communications coverage is available to ensure better chances of a positive outcome for your team members, using Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Bi-Direction Antennas (BDA’s).  

IT Services for Healthcare in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC)

If you are responsible for providing your own IT support without the help of  a public central agency, leverage our experienced team.  We provide service through contract rates or ad-hoc support, office and worksite IT, targeting small local businesses and smaller local government organizations without any (or enough) centralized IT shared services.

Currently providing ad-hoc and managed services to customers across all levels of government and private business, RadioWorks can help you with your connectivity.

As traditional communications systems modernize, there is a stronger requirement for integration and compatibility with IT networks. RadioWorks has captured this market by expanding our technological expertise to include IT professionals who not only manage standard IT networks and VoIP applications, but also work with the traditional communications systems expected from RadioWorks, and the developing applications of RoIP (Radio over IP).

Service covers maintenance and support (both re-active helpdesk and pro-active consulting) services, to ensure minimal disruption and downtime, and troubleshooting in the event that an issue does arise.  We can provide troubleshooting, network maintenance and upgrades, budget planning, redundancy and disaster recovery, preventative maintenance, as well as associated project delivery.

Preferred service partners include Cisco Meraki, Microsoft, and Scale Computing, and we also have expertise working with both iOS and Windows.

We have a specialty with servers (including Radio over IP / RoIP), routers and firewalls, switches and Wireless Access Points (WAP), security cameras, shared resources like printers, and remote management of end-user devices (such as swapping or killing a workstation or mobile phone).

GPS Tracking

Whether GPS tracking is delivered through your radio system or a specialized GPS tracking solution, we have the fit for you and your mobile team. 

Leverage your investment in a wide area radio system and expand it to include GPS tracking, an additional feature of digital wide area radio systems.  Monitor critical parties and stay in touch, regardless of distance or obstructions.  

If you’re looking for a broader range or use with and end-to-end fleet management tool, use GPS tracking networks to give background on routes, vehicle speed, fuel usage and idle time, and other valuable mobility information to manage driver behavior, as well as dispatch and management tasks, like scheduling departure and delivery times,  as well as temperature monitoring to maintain cargo integrity.

With GPS, you have the opportunity to focus on enhancing and streamlining everything from production to safety, and give yourself opportunity to identify improvements for efficiency and cost savings.

Paging for Healthcare in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC)

RadioWorks has designed, installed, and currently maintains and operates the most extensive (and now, likely only remaining) paging service in Victoria and in Victoria and on Vancouver Island.  This is a simulcast wide area (multi-site) communications system with RF, IT and trunked-line backbone.  This system has repeatedly proven best coverage on Vancouver Island and surrounding areas with full system redundancy for customer confidence.  While considered by many to be a legacy system, our paging service is a tried-tested-true communication delivery system currently used by nearly all local health authorities, first responders, and important utility/service organizations. 

Regardless of the scope or complexity of your communication needs, RadioWorks has the right communications system for you. Request a Quote or Contact Us for your free assessment.

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