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  • Technisonic TBS-150/250/350 SERIES Transceivers

Technisonic TBS-150/250/350 SERIES Transceivers

The Technisonic TBS-150/250/350 series of desk top base stations are VHF/AM aeronautical band transceivers which operate in simplex mode and allowing quick keypad access and LCD display of the selected frequency in the range of 117.975 MHz to 138.000 MHz with 25 KHz channel spacing

Microprocessor based control circuitry allows the user to store up to ten frequencies in non volatile memory, then easily recall, seek or scan them. These systems operate from 110/220 VAC or 27.5 VDC nominal power. (The TBS-150 operates from 117/220 VAC or 13.7 VDC power source). Nominal transmit power is 7 Watts for the TBS-150, 15 Watts for the TBS-250 and 25 Watts for the TBS-350. These transceivers provide a trickle charge output from the rear panel of the radio for purposes of maintaining a battery (not included). In the event of a power failure, the transceiver (if connected to the battery) will automatically change over to operate on emergency battery power.


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