Battery FAQs

  • Rechargeable batteries have a limited lifetime, so after 18 months you should consider replacing your rechargeable battery.
  • If you are unsure about the condition of your battery RadioWorks can test it for you – contact us and ask for our service shop.
  • A new battery can enhance radio performance and shorten charging periods.

IMPRES™ Battery Maintenance System

Intelligent Motorola Portable Radio Energy System

  • Motorola’s IMPRES™ is an automated battery maintenance system that keeps two-way radio batteries at the peak of their performance. It is used by police, fire, and many public and private organizations that cannot tolerate unexpected on-the-job battery failures.
  • IMPRES™ batteries contain a memory chip that provides information to the IMPRES™ charger about the current state of the battery. This information is used to achieve optimum battery performance, and maximum service life.
  • IMPRES™ chargers indicate when the battery is ready to start a work shift. The radio user will know that the battery is fully charged, and that it won’t fail unexpectedly. The charger will also indicate when the battery needs replacement.
  • IMPRES™ batteries may be left in the charger for extended periods without damage from heat build-up. This feature allows spare batteries and standby radios to be kept at full charge, and ready to use.
  • If partially charged batteries are briefly removed from the charger, and replaced, the charging cycle resumes where it left off, without initiating a complete recharge cycle. This further reduces accumulated battery damage due to heat buildup.

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