On-Site Paging Systems

Why Purchase Your Own On-Site Paging System?

  • On-Site paging systems are available for organizations that do not require wide area paging services.
  • On-Site paging systems are customer-owned which means that there are no monthly fees.
  • On-Site paging systems are used by fire departments, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, resorts, nursing homes, assisted living, youth custody centers, and manufacturing plants where. the pagers will only be used within the facility.

Why Choose RadioWorks?

  • RadioWorks installs and maintains on-site paging equipment and fire department paging equipment all over Vancouver Island.
  • RadioWorks owns and operates a public paging network and a dedicated pager service facility.

Applications for On-Site Pagers

  • Private paging systems can provide excellent coverage throughout large concrete buildings where public cellular and paging services may be unreliable.
  • Private paging systems can be built to survive a disaster, like an earthquake, that could disrupt public cellular and paging networks.
  • Emergency messages can be sent quickly in voice or text because there are no other users that could cause the system to become busy.
  • Instant alarm notifications from process controllers can be sent to pagers.
  • Restaurants can use pagers for silent wireless notification to servers when food is ready to serve.
  • There are no recurring charges when you own your own paging system.
  • Basic On-Site Paging System
  • Desktop hotel paging system
  • Range up to 1 mile
  • Sends voice and text pages
  • Perfect for hotels and jobsites
  • Can interface to automated alarm monitoring equipment
  • Can also talk to two-way radios (built-in speaker and microphone)