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Equipment Customization

RadioWorks can custom-build wireless equipment to achieve a functionality that cannot be purchased as an off-the-shelf product. An example would be transportable voice and data equipment for use during disaster recovery operations and exercises….

Why Choose RadioWorks?

  • RadioWorks has technicians that are skilled in electronics circuit design.
  • RadioWorks has considerable experience in customizing wireless communication equipment for police departments, fire departments, and many public and private
  • organizations.
  • RadioWorks has an in-house fabrication shop, and screen-room facilities, for the manufacture of custom electronics equipment.
  • References are available.

Design Services

  • Antenna systems
  • Electronic circuitry
  • Modifications to standard equipment to achieve custom functionality.

No-Obligation Proposals

Call us for no-obligation advice relating to specialized radios, vehicle warning systems (lights & sirens), ruggedized computers and mounting systems, GPS, and custom electronic packages.


digital-repeaterDigital repeater

UHF-telemetry-kitUHF telemetry kit

analog-to-digital-converterAnalog-to-digital converter

trunk-tray1Trunk tray

trunk-tray2Trunk tray

cabling-and-labelingCabling and labeling

analog-repeaterAnalog repeater

police-helmet-headsetPolice helmet headset

transportable-radioTransportable radio