License Exempt Radios

MDR Radios

  • Our Motorola Digital Radios come with a wide range of available options and prices.
  • Used by: Education, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Property Management.
  • These radios provide digital voice privacy, extended battery life, and good building penetration.
  • Expect a good degree of privacy when we program these radios to meet your specific needs.
  • Radio range is fairly limited but building penetration is very good.


    1. Private and Group voice calls
    2. Caller ID, Call forwarding, Vibration alert
    3. Lightweight and compact, just 7.3 oz

FRS and GMRS Radios

  • Our Family Radio Service radios start at under $49 each, options are available.
  • Used by: Families, kids, small retail and education.
  • These radios provide the basic radio functions of receive and transmit.
  • Expect interference from kids and other users from time-to-time.
  • Radio range is limited due to the low power levels of license-exempt radios.

Radio Approval Numbers

  • For use in Canada all license-exempt radios must bear an Industry Canada certification number.


Digital Radios


FRS Radios