Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC) Two-Way Radio Accessories

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WPLN7080 IMPRES Single-Unit Rapid Rate Charger

IMPRES Single-Unit Rapid Rate Charger, 120V (US Plug) for APX6000/7000 Series Radios.

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XV Remote Speaker Microphone

With four digital microphones and the largest clearest speaker we’ve ever produced, the Xtreme Voice (XV) Remote Speaker Microphone is the next generation mission…

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XVN500 High Impact Remote Speaker Microphone

Built to the latest standards, the durable XVN500 RSM Delivers the clearest & loudest audio for firefighters

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ZMN6038ASP01 Black Two-Wire Extra Loud Surveillance Kit

Two separate wires for PTT/microphone module and earpiece; requires NNTN7869 hirose adapter for radio attachment.

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