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  • Smart PTT Express
  • Smart PTT Express
  • Smart PTT Express
  • Smart PTT Express
  • Smart PTT Express

Smart PTT Express

A flexible dispatch console for DIMETRA Express radio systems (TETRA digital radio systems from Motorola Solutions)


Using DIMETRA Express radio system and SmartPTT Express software, you can be sure in the reliability of your radio communications even in the most critical situations. Take a chance to secure and simplify everyday operations while reducing costs and complexity over the long term.

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  • SmartPTT Express Features:

     Voice Dispatch

    • Instant communications and efficient team coordination – the system is under dispatcher’s permanent control


    Emergency Management

    • Emergency calls and alarms, as well as prioritized calls save those precious seconds, needed to successfully resolve an emergency


    Voice Recording

    • Data storage and easy reconstruction of incident details


    Location Tracking

    • Exact workers’ location at any moment



    • Remotely monitoring and control equipment in the field


    Ambience Listening

    • Gain situational awareness even in the most complicated and dangerous cases


    Text Messages

    • Individual and group text messages exchange
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