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  • Trbonet Swift IP Gateway A100

Trbonet Swift IP Gateway A100

Remote Control Room


Radio-over-IP gateways allow a system owner to connect one or several control (base) stations to TRBOnet Enterprise or Plus without the need to install a computer at a remote site. The gateway fully supports MOTOTRBO control radios for voice and data traffic, and also provides a voice channel when connected to a non-MOTOTRBO radio.

  • Core Features:

    Remote Control Room

    • Geographically distributed
    • Remote control radios
    • Latency up to 1800 ms
    • Analog and digital radios

    Smooth Migration

    • Analog control radios
    • LAN connection to server
    • Cross-patching
    • Seamless integration

    Reliable and Resilient

    • Rack mounted
    • Unattended operation
    • Connection status
    • Challenging environments
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