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  • Tait TP9600 Portable Radio

Tait TP9600 Portable Radio

Tait P25. Instant, reliable communications is just the beginning


First responders around the world trust Tait for multi-agency coordination in the most challenging environments. TP9600 portables enhance the user experience with a color screen, louder, clearer audio, and more ergonomic controls, all built Tait Tough for critical communications. WiFi connectivity can be used for easy, advanced wireless programming and fleet management.

Available in 136-174MHz, 378-470MHz, 450-520MHz and 757-870MHz.

  • Built Tait Tough

    The TP9600 is built to withstand a lot of punishment. It’s rated IP65 to withstand water jets, and IP68 for water immersion. The corners are built for shock absorption, exceeding military grade drop tests. The speaker features an innovative water shedding grille, quickly dispersing water.


  • Cellular Integration

    Integrate users with smart devices into your radio network with Tait TeamPTT. This Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PTToC) solution provides operational and administrative staff with enhanced access to remote frontline workers. Connect radio, cellular and WiFi networks to increase safety and productivity across all users.


  • Connectivity Options

    The TP9600 supports multiple modes. Analog Conventional, P25 Conventional, P25 Phase 1 Trunking, and P25 Phase 2 Trunking. This allows users to switch between different networks, and agencies to retain their radio fleet during network upgrades. WiFi capability allows wireless over-the-air-programming, and a range of audio accessories can connect via Bluetooth®.


  • Enhanced User Experience

    The TP9600 includes a range of great quality-of-life features. The large, color screen has display options for bright or dark environments, and easily recognizable alerts. The interface is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand, for easy use. The Tait Enable suite of software takes the hassle out of managing your radio fleet.


  • Enhanced Worker Safety

    Keep your team safe and connected in the field. The TP9600 features integrated GPS with advanced Location Services options. The Tait GeoFencing option helps your team to work smarter and safer with pre-programmed location based actions, like changing networks, or sending status alerts. Man Down and Lone Worker modes can trigger automated alerts when an individual is in potential danger. A Programmable Emergency Key can instantly request assistance.


  • Exceptional Audio

    Clear voice communication is crucial in emergency situations. The TP9600’s audio features help first responders hear and respond clearly. Active Noise Cancelation, uses two separate microphones to receive voice and background sounds separately, isolating and reducing noise. A P25 standard compliant digital vocoder digitizes human voice, reducing background noise. A powerful three watt speaker delivers incoming calls loud and clear.


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