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Radio Rentals in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC)

If you’re looking for a surge in your communications force, we have the product rentals you need.
Through Motorola walkie-talkie rentals in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC), you can receive trusted two-way radios for any budget, for any length of time, with on-time delivery. We have pre-packaged solutions and commonly used accessories for all of your communications needs.
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Your Short Term Communication Solution

  • Affordable
  • Immediate availability
  • Pre-licensed frequencies
  • Current model Motorola radios
  • Wide-area coverage, for communications across Victoria, Vancouver Island, and the Gulf Islands

Rent by the Day, Week, or Month

  • Special event coordination
  • Jobsite management
  • Short term projects
  • Conventions
  • Fairs
  • Festivals
  • Parades

Radio Rentals for Movie & Film

RadioWorks can meet all of your walkie-talkie needs!

  • We Have Both “Trunks” And Conventional Radios
  • We have wide-area Trunked radios with up to 20 kM or more range!
  • Expand your fleet quickly
  • Get access to accessories like discreet headsets and long-life batteries

Two-Way Radio Rentals for Job Sites, Festivals, and Events

We understand how crucial it is to have communication equipment that works for your business. Poor function, limited coverage, and inefficiencies are issues that you can’t afford to deal with. Two-way radios provide your employees with a simple, on-site connection. They are durable, have a long-lasting battery life, and intuitive operation, enabling your staff to communicate effectively. With reliable, clear audio, your team will be able to share essential details to keep everyone involved in your event updated, informed, and safe.

For efficient operations and added security, two-way radios are ideal for community festivals, business events, construction projects, to give your team the tools they need to perform at their highest level.

Our staff will help you determine the perfect solution for your business concerning two-way radio rentals in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC). Our portfolio of products is extensive, and our team will ensure that you get the best two-way radios for your project.

Rental Accessories

After selecting the two-way radios that are right for your event, business, or emergency, you’ll have the option of choosing from a variety of accessories offered by our rental team. Batteries, chargers, earpieces, headsets, speaker microphones, and surveillance equipment are just a few options you have at RadioWorks to increase your communication resources.

Our staff has the Motorola radio rentals in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC) that you need. Together, we can put together a package specific to your business needs. We know that you need fast and reliable delivery, and we’ll work with you to get the options, terms, and pricing that’s best for you. 

Request a quote today so that we can meet your rental needs.

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