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Vehicle Upfitting in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia (BC)

At RadioWorks, we are experts in upgrading standard vehicles to meet the needs of specialized agencies. As Victoria and Vancouver Island’s premier vehicle upfitting contractor for emergency services vehicles, RadioWorks is exceptionally suited to providing you with your custom mobile vehicle requirements. 
Vehicle upfitting is an important step when it comes to turning your vehicles into a working fleet. RadioWorks offers high quality upfitting solutions with professional installation and servicing. We provide reliable equipment from reputable brands to ensure the reliability of your fleet. 

We upfit, retrofit, and decommission all makes and models of emergency services vehicles, as well as administration/supervisor vehicles, road safety, public transit, and more.

We can help you with your lighting and siren hardware and control systems, two-way radio and antenna systems, prisoner transport systems, gun racks, in-car video recording systems; mobile (laptop) docking stations, dash-mounted radar systems, GPS systems, specialized center consoles, bumpers and other miscellaneous related equipment and systems.

Check out an example of our work donated to the Saanich Police Cops for Cancer cause!

Radio Products

We are a Motorola Radio Solutions Channel Partner. We offer high quality Motorola two-way radios, which are used by public safety agencies like fire and police and other first responders, and commercial customers in construction, transportation, and manufacturing.  We also provide Setcom headsets and intercoms on larger vehicles, such as fire trucks.  All of our radio systems are designed to be used safely and reliably.

IT Products

In today’s connected world, your fleet needs to have IT products to ensure connection. We upfit vehicles with mobile Wi-Fi hotspots that can be used to keep everyone on site connected through their devices. We also provide laptops and docking stations that can be integrated with vehicle systems to allow for the use of internet-supported features.

GPS Tracking

We provide GPS tracking solutions that integrate with communications and operations so that dispatchers know where everyone is at any given time and, when necessary, drivers can easily and safely navigate with new information.

Emergency Safety Products

RadioWorks provides all of the emergency hardware you might need to upfit your vehicle.  This includes emergency and amber lighting, sirens, cameras, mobile laptop docking stations, watchguard systems, prisoner partitions, dog cages, gun racks, and more. Whatever your vehicle needs, we can provide, and we can advise on the best design and arrangement for the specific vehicle you are using.  We can accommodate all types of vehicles; please contact us for more information.

Complete Service

Our full-service commitment starts with design, goes through installation, and finishes with service. We have complete vehicle designs for police, fire, and ambulance vehicles. By using our design services, you can guarantee that you will be up to spec in all ways.

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