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GPS (Fleet Vehicle and Personal Tracking)

At RadioWorks, we have a large selection of fleet management tracking choices that scale with your business and ensure safe operations. RadioWorks prides itself on being a partner that will work with you to understand your requirements and recommend a solution that is right for your business. GPS vehicle tracking offers prevention, protection, and visibility. That’s 24/7 monitoring that gives you peace of mind.

Importance of Fleet Management

RadioWorks understands unique situations involving public safety, utility, transportation, and other government and industry environments. With GPS, you have the opportunity to focus on enhancing and streamlining everything from production to safety, and give yourself opportunity to identify improvements for efficiency and cost savings.

Reduce Fuel Usage

Fuel economy is best managed through greater understanding. GPS fleet tracking gives you precise background on routes, vehicle speed, and other valuable information to manage driver behavior. It records fuel card usage, idle time, and fuel records. The database supplies accurate engine diagnostics, giving you a clear picture of what trends are influencing poor fuel economy.

GPS and Wide Area Radio Systems

Reliable communication and GPS location technology are instrumental to keep everyone and everything safe. Leverage your investment in a wide area radio system and expand it to include GPS tracking, an additional feature of digital wide area radio systems.  Monitor critical parties and stay in touch, regardless of distance or obstructions.  

GPS Trackit

GPS Trackit is a cloud-based operation backed by mobile accessibility. It provides interactive maps and reports, and returns video telematics and asset tracking for your whole operation.

With GPS Trackit, transportation and fleet management will have an end-to-end solution for managing tasks, like scheduling drivers, departure and delivery, and direction confirmations, as well as temperature monitoring to maintain cargo integrity.

GPS Trackit manages real-time vehicle monitoring and reports, minimizing operational costs with accurate timecard info and puts driver accountability at the forefront. Use GPS Trackit to analyze workforce and driver behavior, gathering insight and actionable data.


The Tallysman solution is specifically designed for Fleet Tracking applications on Cellular LTE-M networks.  It provides configurable event reporting of location, I/O, Odometer, Engine Idle times and driving behaviour.

Track, manage, and audit your fleet using reliable GPS-based location and event updates across any LTE network:

  • Simple, highly accurate tracking and auditing
  • Enhanced data, bandwidth and cost-efficiency
  • Simple deployment and operation

RadioWorks: The Best in GPS Tracking

RadioWorks is Victoria’s leading GPS fleet tracking provider, and we’re ready to prove it. Let us know how we can help you protect your assets and employees.

Whether GPS tracking is delivered through your radio system or a specialized GPS tracking solution, we have the fit for you.

Contact us and learn how to track your fleet.

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